Toulouse Antique Gallery

Since the founding of Toulouse Antique Gallery in 1975, John and Aurora Dugan have been presenting the world’s finest antiques on an international stage, holding exhibitions across the United States and as far as numerous locales in the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. They have garnered a reputation among the world’s top collectors as the source for the ultimate in French 19th Century Art & Antiques and American Art Glass Lamps.

In the antique industry, John and Aurora stand out for their integrity as well as their uncanny taste for the best. Their inventory is vetted for only 100% original pieces (many signed by masters), giving their patrons peace of mind and resulting in loyal repeat clients, many of whom choose to buy exclusively from John and Aurora.

Based in Hollywood for over 20 years and briefly in Singapore, the spectrum of clientelle at Toulouse Antique Gallery ranges from schoolteachers to moviestars, presidents and sultans.

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